Improve Your Credit

Maximize your financial portfolio through proper utilization of credit and profiting off investments.

Unlimited Funding
Gain access to private funding sources and a broad network of quality investors.
Invest In Yourself
Invest in lucrative opportunities that continue to build and develop your portfolio.

Tasha MacDonald
This member club has shown and taught me how to diversify my income, without compromising my job or time with my kids.
Jasmine Green
Transparent and streamline! Glacier Group removed my inquiries in 4 days and 2 of my negative items within 45 Days. Qualifying me for an investment property.
Joseph Mimms
Glacier Group provided a process that not only put immediate income in my pocket, but also cleaned my credit to qualify me for 50k in business funding. This was all done in house as a member. Impressive!
Kent Williams
Wow. They have provided a system that has help me become financially educated. As an event promoter and agent of a club, I’m able to introduce this membership at every event I do, and make more money than the events I throw.