First Class Personal Funding Solutions







Up To $500K Unsecured Funding

48 Hour Approval

0% Interest for 15 Months

Minimum Inquiries

Credit Card Liquidation (Zero Fees)

No Docs Needed

690+ FICO All Bureaus

Revolving Balances Below 50% of Credit Limit

Current Revolving Credit Limits Should Around 10k

At least 3 “Open” & “Seasoned” Primary Revolving Accounts

Credit Karma Account (Free sign-up)



In order to get started we will need the client to create and send over their Credit Karma Login for us to review. This is what we will use in order to create your approval quote. We typically can get a quote within 24 hours. If the client qualifies, we will then proceed with sending agreements for the client to review, sign, and send back. Upon Receipt, our account manager will do a compliance call to go over the client’s file, and make sure they are aware of the process and what it will entail. We get 50% of the approvals within the first 48 hrs of receipt of agreement and compliance call. Upon receipt we will acquire payment through paypal or authorization form. Upon payment we instruct the client on how to liquidate card to reach their financial goal.  


Here is What We Will Need:

Credit Karma Login

Credit Line Agreement

Glacier Group Agreement

Color copy of Driver’s License or State Issued ID

Compliance Call

Client Cooperation