About Us


Building quality credit is the most powerful outlet to generate capital for the average person. You will never go wrong investing in yourself. When utilized properly, your credit can establish a foundation for long term financial growth.


We want to help our client’s reach their full earning potential. We retain our clients year after year by not only generating additional passive income, but also establishing a foundation that positions them for wealth and financial independence.


Over the past few years we have worked hard to develop a system that provides 4 key elements to success:

  • Educating our clients on how to create wealth through leveraging credit.  
  • Establishing a blueprint on how to enhance credit to invest in lucrative markets while protecting assets.
  • A 6 figure consulting members club for those with a network of potential clients with excellent credit.
  • Aligning a high quality network of business professional and investment opportunities that develop into high yield projects


It is in Glacier Consulting Group’s best interest to protect our client’s credit portfolio, as its growth is what allows us to continue our partnership. Our business model is structured to build long lasting relationships with our clients. It is mutually beneficial for us to help our clients reach their full earning potential. We hold ourselves accountable for doing right by our clients in order retain their business and maintain our reputation. We promise to always satisfy the needs of the client with integrity while minimizing risk in the process.